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Aktion Sodis is committed to the "Initiative Transparent Civil Society (ITZ)".
The ITZ supports organizations that have joined it in voluntarily providing additional information that goes beyond the statutory disclosure requirements for civil society organizations in Germany. The ITZ thus creates a framework for more transparency in non-profit organizations and promotes the culture of transparency in the non-profit sector by providing the public with an opportunity to discuss the issue of transparency.


1 Name, registered Office, Address and Year of Foundation

The association Aktion Sodis e.V. was founded in 2018 and emerged from the cooperation between the Fundación Sodis in Cochabamba and the project Bildung bleibt from Aachen.

The registered office of the association is Lutherweg 31, 52074 Aachen.

2 Complete Statutes and Information on the Objectives of our Organization

You can find the current version of our articles of association, as adopted by the general meeting on 27.08.2022, here.

Our goal is to support Andean communities to actively and sustainably face the ecological, financial and social implications of climate change. For a future in which the basis for a self-determined life in this diverse region is also secured for future generations.

3 Information on Tax Concessions

Our work is recognized as non-profit due to the promotion of charitable purposes (development cooperation) according to the last notice of exemption we received from the Aachen tax office StNr. 201/5905/6079, dated 06.06.2018 and is exempt from corporation tax according to §5 para. 1 no. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and from trade tax according to §3 no. 6 GewStG.

4 Name and function of key decision-makers

Important decisions are made by the General Meeting or the members of the Board of Directors authorized by it.

The current Executive Board consists of the following members:

Benjamin Hiss | Christoph Netsch | Benedikt Schindele | Dario Stirnberg | Zoe van Alst

Membership has the following tasks:

The active members support the projects on site in South America, as well as through supporting and coordinating activities in Aachen. Elections within the association take place within the framework of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.

5 Activity Report

Here you will find our Annual Report 2022.

Here you will find our Annual Report 2021.

Here you will find our Annual Report 2020.

Please note our Remarks regarding corrections to the annual reports 2020 & 2021.

Older annual reports and other reports and documents can be found on the Documents page.

6 Personnel Structure

The number of our employees is currently as follows (as of 05.04.2023)

35 active, voluntary employees in Germany (Aktion Sodis)

7 Information on the Source of Funds

Our work is largely financed by donations and grants. We are very grateful to all our supporters!

8 Information on the Use of Funds

Aktion Sodis e.V. prepares a revenue surplus statement and a simple asset statement. These can be found in our annual reports.

9 Corporate Affiliation with third Parties

Aktion Sodis e.V. is an independent association with friendly ties to the network of Engineers without Borders and Fundación Sodis.

10 Names of legal Entities whose annual Payments account for more than 10% of the total Budget

Aktion Sodis e.V. does not receive any payments from legal entities that exceed 10% of the total budget. Further information on the Transparent Civil Society Initiative can be found here.

Did not find all information? Feel free to write us a message or take another look at the documents page:

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